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Educate, love and set limits: the principles for raising victorious children

Educate, love and set limits: the principles for raising victorious children


Which father, mother or guardian of a child has never found themselves breaking a promise made to their child? Giving punishment too harsh? Being too permissive?

There are many adult attitudes that can contribute to an increasingly fragile family connection with increasingly distant children.

In Educate, love and set limits: the principles for raising successful children, Paulo Vieira, one of the most renowned coaches in the country, and pedagogue Sara Braga Pina bring concrete tools to leave the state of victimization and take action.

Addressing everything from the process of child development to issues such as the formation of memories and the importance of children's social environments, the book aims to strengthen connections of affection, forgiveness and dialogue in the family. It will provide the reader with a transformative experience with their children!

In this book you will learn:
● How to build positive memories by living experiences of importance, belonging, connection in love and limits in childhood;
● The importance of self-esteem and essential behaviors to develop it;
● The importance of emotions and the development of emotional intelligence;
● Using the "perfect language of love", through its basic foundations – belonging, importance, meaning and distinction –, in addition to powerful behaviors for effective love communication;
● The secrets of happy growth from the stages of child development, including adolescence;
● How to strengthen family connections based on fundamental skills for building a prosperous and happy future:
perseverance, integrity and merit.



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