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2 livros da coletanea sentimentos

Coleção Sentimentos - Camila Betarello

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This collection of books is not just about anxiety.  It's about all those feelings that don't fit in the chest and overflow the eyes. It's about that sharp pain that hurts us. It's about having something to talk about but not having anyone to listen. The paper listened to me, and I wrote. And now you are here reading! And I'm very happy about that. My feelings are being exposed here. Zero privacy. But I do not care. Because in a way, I feel like you feel that way too. And everything is fine.  The important thing is to understand that pain needs to be felt, cried... so that it can be healed. Just like the shallow feelings that overflow the heart.  This collection is for all those who feel and let themselves be transformed from the inside out, just like butterflies. 🦋🦋  | Collection Sentimentos by Camila Betarello Faria ✨

Coleção Sentimentos
Available from February
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